Monkey Blood Dogs

Run –  Tree – Catch– Kill – Solo – 1 year old

(Due to Monkey Blood Training Program)

Dogs hunted year round, Over 300 coons yearly.

Terrain is Extremely Rough & Demanding.

 Steep hills, bluffs, gulleys, draws, rocks, & cactus.

Excellent in creek banks, water, holes, & brush piles.

Extremely fast athletic track dogs that run to catch.

Dogs run scent at full speed, in any weather conditions.

Heavy accurate treeing dogs - good loud mouths.

All dogs are easy handling - 100% on coons.

Winning dog trainer with 56 years hunting experience.

30 Minute Hunting DVD’s available upon request

1/8 to 3 mile races - coon treed or Dead on Arrival

DVD’S will show it all – tell it all – prove it all


Call or Text -  J.D. Mayo @ 325-726-7580